Hi there, we’re Swell Studio! We bring function and beauty to everyday spaces. We are no non-sense home organization, lifestyle and interior decor specialists working to bring quality of life through functional and rejuvenating home spaces. 

          Work-life balance is extremely important to us and we believe that it all starts in the home. We want to share with you what we’ve learned about creating balanced lives to achieve that same balance in your own! Whether you are moving, building, remodeling or simply tired of the overwhelming nature of your current space, we’ve got your back. Our process allows you to check those to-do lists off so you’re left not only with a space that you love, but a space that offers you better quality of life! 

        We establish what you need for a functional space & which areas of life could use some balance, and achieve these goals through efficient, thoughtful, and sustainable home design. Simple life-style & schedule changes coupled with smart home design encourage less, but more productive work time, less screen time, & more quality sleep for better quality of life overall. Let us reorganize and redesign your home, your schedule, and reinvigorate your life with some well-deserved balance. We invite you to join our revolution, put down your phone and start getting more out of your life! 


               Having grown tired of the corporate machine, owner and founder Sadie Sanders was tired of the ‘norm’ when she established Swell Studio in 2017. The 24/7 nature of her “five day work week” corporate design job, the countless encounters with friends, families and clients spent with faces glued to phones, and that feeling that work and social media were what received all of her energy. Sadie quit that corporate job, deleted all social media, and Swell Studio was the result of what she learned while searching for some much needed balance. 

           Originally from Wichita, KS, Sadie moved to Maine in 2016 to be with her now wife, Julia. An unexpected pick up line brought on by the $5 martinis Julia reluctantly served the overdressed out-of-towner, and, as they say…the rest was history. Sadie found her heart at home in Maine in more ways than one: the respect and accessibility of nature, the laid back people, the easy-going pace of life & of course the love of her life; for Sadie, Maine really was the way life should be. Sadie believes living here made her realize what is really important in life. Less stuff, more calm; less to do, more quality time spent with those who matter most—Sadie practices what she preaches in this business and she hopes to inspire in her clients to live their best life in easy to maintain, organized, functional & beautiful home spaces.